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Celebrating Halloween in Japan 2020

It’s already the last quarter of 2020. The months flew by so quickly like dust in the wind, with events that would be remembered through the annals of history. The most prominent of which would be the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. People have been resilient in adjusting to the new normal. It’s hard to imagine that only a few months ago a simple handshake would be an ordinary greeting. We never thought twice about celebrating events at theme parks, restaurants, or parades. Hobnobbing with throngs of people was something to look forward to. Nowadays, the best thing to do would be to dial down celebrating events in groups and keep things simple. But it doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any fun involved.

Check out some things to do to celebrate Halloween in Japan!

Binge watch on Japanese horror flicks

Japanese horror movies are spine chilling and filled with terror!  Many Japanese horror flicks have been adapted into English versions garnered popularity. One such horror flick that never keeps giving the creeps no matter how many time you see it is  Gore Verbinski’s Hollywood remake of  Hideo Nakata’s  1998 original, Ringu (The Ring, 2002). The are a number of Japanese horror classics as well as newer adaptations that are worth seeing over and over again.

Take virtual tours of haunted places in Japan

Many places all around the world have stories of the macabre and unexplainable. From ghostly haunts to things that go bump in the dark. Japan has its fair share of scary stories and ghostly manifestations. Some places can be visited virtually!

Gunkanjima (or ‘Battleship Island’) and Ghost Island, is one of the 505 uninhabited islands of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. Nearly a century ago (from 1887 to 1974), it was a bustling coal mining facility and home to thousands of workers. When the demand for coal began to shift to petrol, the once thriving island was abandoned and left to the elements. Its concrete buildings now lie as decrepit ruins, a reminder of a past long gone. Take a virtual stroll in Gunkanjima!

Kyaraben monster

Kyaraben monster.

Create scary kyaraben

The Japanese kawaii cuteness factor is not hard to fall in love with, its simply irresistible at times. Kawaii has come to influence Japanese pop culture, toys, entertainment, clothing and even food! You can make some delicious, cute and scary kyaraben bento and bring out the child in you!