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Ways to Experience Japan Without Travelling

The most relevant in the now is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that the whole world is facing. People have been working from home, non-essential travel has been put on hold and doing pretty much everything online has been the norm for some months now. Even if leisure travel is not an option for the moment, there are still many ways to experience the uniqueness of other places and cultures. Check out some of the ways to experience Japan without travelling!

Fruit sando

Fruit sando.

Try some Japanese recipes

The concept of aesthetics in Japan is deeply ingrained in the people’s everyday life and is seen in their cuisine as well. Japanese food has had a strong influence from China and Korea for thousands of years. Japanese cuisine today has a blend of many other cultural influences that has made each dish uniquely Japanese. Japanese desserts are both beautiful and delicious. Many recipes are simple and easy to make from home.

Stream Japanese anime and movies

If your’re into horror flicks, many of the best horror movies have been adapted from Japanese originals such as The Ring (2002), Dark Water (2005) and The Grudge (2020). The creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, credits one of Japan’s and the world’s most renowned and influential filmmakers, Akira Kurosawa (1910–1998) and his movie The Hidden Fortress, for enhancing his creative juices while working on Star Wars.

The anime industry in Japan consists of over 430 production studios and with English-dubbed programming, Japanese anime has captivated the international audiences as well.

Sake being poured

Sake being poured.

Drink sake

Sake, or rice wine, is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice.  Japanese culture considers sake to be more than just a drink to enjoy. Sake is an important part of Japanese culture—it is a celebratory drink in almost every defining moment of a person’s life, from birth to honoring someone at death.  Sake has also influenced Japan’s culinary history, is an important Japanese heritage, and is an integral part in truly getting to know the country and its people.

Learn Japanese phone app

Learn the Japanese language

It might be difficult to travel right now but language learning doesn’t have to stop. KCP is proud to announce its partnership with Japan Fuji Online to offer a web-based educational platform for enthusiastic language learners who want to pursue their goals in learning the Japanese language.

Virtually tour Japanese museums and other places in Japan

Virtual tours have been around for decades. The appreciation for it has increased as people are still hesitant to venture out in crowded areas and travel restrictions to other countries are still ongoing. Virtual tour is the next best thing to discovering places around the world. Check out some places in Japan that you can discover virtually!