Explore the culture, lifestyle, and excitement of studying abroad in Japan.

How to Bow in Japan

Japanese lady bowing

For the next installment in our Japanese how-to videos, here are a couple of looks at how to bow.  It’s much more complex than you…
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How to use an abacus (soroban)

Hand counting with wooden abacus

Another “Japan skills” video–how to use an abacus for basic computation.  Mystery revealed! How to use an abacus (soroban) An easy-to-grasp explanation. Hope you enjoyed…
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How to use chopsticks in Japan

Graphic hand holding chopsticks

How to get closer to “living Japanese”?  Maybe these instructions will help.  This is a great step by step instructional on how to use chopsticks. …
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Spring semester kicks off at KCP

captivated KCP audience

The entrance and orientation ceremony for the spring semester at KCP just took place. Mr. Kimbara, KCP principal, gives a speech to welcome the new students….
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Consider insurance

Health insurance image

Travel Insurance Many people never think of purchasing insurance to cover unexpected events during a trip.  But the recent and continuing events in Japan point…
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