Explore the culture, lifestyle, and excitement of studying abroad in Japan.

The KCP Locale

Shinjuku evening view

KCP is in majestic Shinjuku, Tokyo. Although it straddles Tokyo’s western fringes, Shinjuku is in many ways considered the city’s center. The Shinjuku train station…
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What’s most valuable?

KCP classroom

KCP students weigh in We regularly ask students, “What has been the most valuable aspect of this program?” “Two things–the use of the direct method…
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Religion in Japan: a blend

Wiki Kumano Nachi Taisha

Most Japanese participate in rituals and customs derived from several religious traditions. The birth of a new baby is celebrated with a formal visit to…
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An Introduction to Sumo

Sumo wrestlers graphic

Since 3 of the big 6 yearly Sumo tournaments are held in Tokyo, it’s a frequent destination for KCP school excursions. Here’s the skinny on…
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