How does airport pickup happen?

KCP staff members will meet and pick up students who are living in KCP-arranged housing and who are on flights that arrive at Narita airport before 15:30/3:30 pm. There is no pickup for those who arrive at Haneda airport.

On landing at Narita, you proceed through immigration, collect your luggage, and pass through customs. When you come out to the arrival lobby, please head to the specific meeting point that the KCP student coordinator specified before you left the U.S. At the meeting point you should see a KCP sign and staffperson waiting for you, beginning at 13:00/1:00 pm and until 17:00/5:00 pm. If your flight is early in the morning and you reach the meeting point before that, please be patient and wait until staff and other students come to the meeting point.

If you can’t find the meeting point in the arrival lobby, please call the number that you were given by the KCP student coordinator and get directions from the staff.

As in any airport, never leave your belongings unattended. If before you leave the U.S. you have a sudden delay or change of flight schedule, and you cannot reach Japan, please call the KCP USA office immediately.


You won’t have to carry all your luggage with you! When you meet KCP staff, they will help you arrange to send your luggage to your place of lodging, right from the airport. (Delivery of the first piece of luggage is free. There is a delivery cost for additional pieces of luggage.) That luggage won’t be delivered until the next day, though, so please plan to:

  • separate out what you need for the first night.
  • carry fragile or valuable items with you. Don’t pack them in the luggage you arrange to have delivered.