I will arrive early in Japan. Who needs to know this?

If you are planning to arrive early, please alert KCP no later than a month before program start, providing your arrival flight information, lodging information, and contact number to reach you in Japan.

If you do not arrive on the scheduled term start date, you will not be picked up by KCP at the airport; you are responsible for arranging your own local transportation and accommodation until the program begins. For a smooth check-in at school-arranged housing on the program arrival day, please arrange with the student coordinator well in advance. Unless previous arrangements have been made, it is your responsibility to be at KCP International Japanese Language School in time for the Japanese placement test and interviews.

If you plan to arrive early, consult your travel agency to arrange accommodations. Your program coordinator does not have the resources to pick up students at the airport before the scheduled arrival date or on an individual basis. If you have never traveled to Tokyo or Japan before and are uncomfortable with your survival Japanese, KCP highly recommends that you make every effort to arrive on the program start date.  Best to do any independent travel after the program, when your Japanese will be a lot more fluent.