What is it like to live in a KCP dorm?

Dormitory life offers several advantages to independent students. KCP dorms feature private rooms. The private room itself is equipped with a standard single bed, desk, chair, heater–air conditioner, and cable internet connection.

Dorms are the better choice if you want more interaction with young people/other students. In a dormitory you have more control over your meals.


  • Typically, Internet use is unlimited and free of charge.
  • Basic bedding (sheets, cover) is provided.
  • Towels, toilet paper, soap, and shampoo are not provided.

Some aspects differ with each dorm.

  • Usually laundry machines are the coin type. In dorms that do not have a restroom and bath in each private room, the laundry is in a bigger common facility for residents to share.
  • No cooking utensils are provided. Some dorms have IH (induction heating) cooking tables, and only IH utensils can be used. Others, like Kasai dorm, have both IH and conventional stoves. Either way, we suggest you purchase cooking items in Japan. There are very low cost shops, and sometimes students will donate these items to the dorm when they leave, so some may be there.
  • Meals are not included in the program cost. (Note: Ikebukuro has a monthly utility budget; if you exceed that budget, the difference is payable to the dorm manager.)
  • Each dorm has its own rules and policies, including curfew.