What general health planning should I do before I leave?

  • We encourage you to have complete physical and dental examinations before traveling abroad. See Do I need a complete physical?
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring an extra pair plus a copy of your prescription in case of loss or damage.
  • Inoculations are not required when traveling to Japan from the U.S. However, if you are traveling to Japan from another country, check with the nearest Japanese Consulate for requirements.
  • If you take prescription medicine, bring enough for your entire stay, and bring a prescription to refill it if needed. Some medications may not be available in Japan; check with your practitioner. See What types of medicine?
  • If you have a pre-existing condition that may affect your stay (serious illness or health issue), you must notify KCP when filling out your application. You may be required to have a complete physical exam and have a practitioner (physician, nurse, physician assistant, or nurse-practitioner) write a summary of your condition. You will not be disqualified for participation in this program unless it is determined that the study abroad experience could be a serious risk to your well-being.
  • If you are struggling, we highly recommend sharing an action plan for emergencies with your family and support people, including how to reach your practitioner, family, and KCP staff.
    Neglecting to tell KCP of your issue or illness before you arrive in Japan can result in possible expulsion, with financial repercussions.
  • If you have a learning disability, inform KCP as soon as possible and provide us with proper descriptive documents from a practitioner so that we can best assist you. If you have academic accommodations through your school, please obtain a letter on university letterhead detailing what accommodations you need. KCP is limited in what accommodations it can provide, but we will do our best.
  • For more information on bringing medicines for personal use into Japan and other medical concerns, please visit Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare site.  You can also see a sample of the Yakkan Shoumei form and read some common questions and answers on bringing medicines to Japan such as Yakkan Shoumei requirements and where to submit them.

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