Is homestay a good option for me?

If you enjoy a family connection, like to take part in the joys and tasks of family life, and can accommodate yourself to others’ habits, homestay may be just right for you. But there are certain expectations about your part in the family. You need to be comfortable that you can meet these expectations.

The homestay experience requires an open mind and cultural sensitivity. Behavior that might be acceptable in your own home may not be appropriate in a Japanese home. You will be a guest in your host family’s home, so please behave as a guest and respect the rules of your family, which may include following a curfew and helping out around the house.

The typical Japanese diet is well-rounded: each meal usually consists of vegetables, fish or meat, and rice. If you have diet restrictions or are vegetarian, you may be better off with the dorm option. In any case, let KCP know well in advance.

Although your homestay experience may be one of the most rewarding aspects of your time in Japan, your primary responsibility is to study the Japanese language. Homestay families understand the intensity of the KCP language program.

For example, if your family has made special plans that include you but you have a test the next day, please explain this to your family and excuse yourself from the activity. To avoid compromising your academic performance, plan to go over your class schedules with your host family in advance.

Please respect your host family’s generosity. Host families are eager to enjoy your companionship and learn about your country and its people, so make an effort to spend quality time with them, while you practice your Japanese language and improve your understanding of Japanese life. Most families want you to become part of their family, observing the family rules and customs.

Sometimes these rules may be difficult for you, but remember you are a guest in a home in another country. Keep an open mind and don’t rush to judgment. You are expected to work hard to develop a good relationship based on mutual understanding.

Students at KCP are fortunate to enjoy the privilege of getting to know families who are especially interested in foreign people. These families offer their hospitality out of good will. And for your part, embracing new ways of life gives you a generous outlook that will serve you well as you travel, start new jobs, and meet people in your daily experiences. Even so, more students request homestay than there are families for. Homestay is available for only one term, at most.