Will I have time to travel independently in Japan?

You are about to visit an exquisite part of the world. If possible, make the most out of this opportunity by arranging time after your term of study to explore other parts of Japan. (Students staying for more than one term have a 1- to 2-week break between terms as well.) One challenge of your stay in Japan is to balance study and fun. We recommend travel after a term rather than before. Make sure you have enough time left on your visa to travel.

A 90-day temporary visa will allow a few days afterwards. For more time, plan for an extended visa. Lonely Planet, Fodor, and Let’s Go produce excellent guides (and websites) on Japan.

We know it sounds harsh, but you will not have time to travel during the term because the program is so intense. You will be concentrating on study during the term, and you’ll enjoy both study and travel more if you save travel for after your term. Your Japanese will be at its best, too.