KCP Offers Second Set of Kanji Textbooks (with CD)

KCP is proud to announce the publication of a second set of a series of books on kanji!

The first set was 1 nichi 15 hun no kanji 1 and 2 for Levels 1, 2 and 3. These two new ones are for pre-intermediate to intermediate Levels 3, 4 and 5.

KCP Japanese language instructor with the kanji books. | KCP Flickr

The new books contain lots of illustrations that will bring fun images to learners. All example sentences and questions were developed through our Japanese instructors’ careful consideration of the students who will be studying with the books.

KCP kanji textbook set (with CD). | KCP Flickr

These new kanji books come with a CD for an auditory learning experience. This may be the first “kanji” textbook set that is accompanied by a CD! Students can listen to the example sentences that include all the kanji introduced in the books. Practicing those sentences also helps them memorize vocabulary.


Open kanji textbook | KCP Flickr

The KCP kanji textbooks can already be found in various book stores, such as big ones like Kinokuniya. They are sold for 2100 yen, including tax.

A previous KCP publication, Virtual Hiragana Course in One Week, also available through Kinokuniya, is a great basic option.