Countdown to KCP’s Fall Extended 2017 Application Deadline

Majoring in Japanese? Graduating this spring? Read on!

KCP’s Fall Extended 2017 term application deadline is on February 8 and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Here are some highlights of the Fall Extended Program:

  • You get to spend more time in Japan than when in a regular semester program
  • Earn over 2 years of Japanese language academic credit
  • Experience the culture through our Japanese Culture and Civilization course
  • Passionate and enthusiastic teachers are readily willing to spend individual time to help students

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  • Have good time management skills— consider working half time to help supplement costs
  • Financial aid may be available even to graduates
  • Teachers will help with resumes and/or job interviews
  • Enough time to network and explore potential employment in Tokyo
  • Experience the stunning beauty of Japan’s changing seasons

The Fall Extended Program is ideal for students or recent college graduates who want to achieve higher levels of Japanese proficiency for educational or career reasons.

Students commit to a Fall Extended program with a long-term student visa. You can make the decision to extend your study in Japan without having to leave Japan. You can stay up to as long as the visa will allow, usually 1.5 years or 2 years.

Read about our students’ experiences with KCP and Japan:

“With some additional study at KCP, my near-perfect proficiency opened up many new doors for me and made me much more employable in Japan. KCP’s encouragement is the most significant turning point in my recent life. Without it I can easily say that I wouldn’t be in Tokyo right now or have a job at a prestigious IT company.” – Brian Bergquist, Western Washington University

“It can be intimidating at first to pursue a program like this, especially for long-term study. But while I’ve been studying at KCP I’ve never felt like I couldn’t overcome challenges I was faced with; the quality of the school and instructors is top-notch.” – Adam Clay, Auburn University

“I picked this program because it is intense and I need to be challenged in order to make progress. Also it’s one of the few programs that actually gives college credit. I truly enjoyed my first semester teachers and overall experience in Japan. I learned so much and improved so much that I would love to continue with this program.” – Amanda Curry, Broome Community College

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“Since KCP, I have graduated from my U.S. university and am now living and working in Japan at the JET Program.  I’m working towards a career in International Education. The possibilities are endless if you pursue your goals and dreams with passion.” – Hector Santiago, Brookdale Community College

Interested? Visit our website at how to apply.