KCP Fall 2016 Students in Cooking Class!

One of the most popular dishes in Japan is hambagu (ハンバーグ), or Japanese hamburger steak. It’s a  quick, delicious, and easy meal to prepare at home and is even readily available at many Yoshoku (Western Japanese) restaurants. It is similar to a Western burger, although it is most often served with rice. Ingredients are also different, making the hambagu unique with its own Asian twist.  The usual ingredients include a mixture of ground pork and beef which adds flavor, richness, and soft texture. Typical sauce for hambagu is tonkatsu sauce which makes it a Japanese staple. You can be creative and top it with your favorite cheese and serve it with all the sidings imaginable like steamed vegetable, french fries, mashed potatoes, rice, and whatever your heart desires.

Check out our KCP Fall 2016 students as they try their hand at cooking hambagu!

All photos, KCP Fall 2016 cooking class.| KCP Flickr.