Getting Your Studies Done at Libraries in Tokyo

There is no shortage of libraries in Japan. Many of the libraries on this list contain books and periodicals in Western languages as well as robust collections in Japanese.


You register for a library card by providing documents that certify your address, such as your KCP Student ID Card. With your library card you can check out books, CDs, or videos. Don’t lend your library card to others: you will be liable for any missing items. It’s easy enough for your fellow students to get their own cards.

Show your library card at the counter when you check out materials. You don’t need to show your library card when you’re returning materials; simply return them to the counter. When the library is closed, you can return books to one of the Tosho Henkyaku posts near the front of the Yotsuya Center Building and on the building’s 7th floor. Do not use the posts to return CDs or videos.

  1. Yotsuya Library (03-3341-0095) is a 5-minute walk from KCP.
  2. The Kita-Shinjuku Library has many English newspapers and magazines. For more information, check with your student coordinator.
  3. The National Diet Library, Kokkai Toshokan (03-3581-2331), is the largest library in Japan and has roughly two million books in Western languages.
  4. The Japan Foundation Library (03-3263-4504) has a good selection of books. You cannot take books out of the library, but you can copy them.
  5. Keizai Koho Center Library (03-3201-1416) contains a large selection of business-related periodicals, annual reports, and other company literature.
  6. The Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Library (03-3502-0101) has approximately 5,000 books in English.
  7. The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library (03-3442-8451) has over 100,000 books in English.
  8. The library at the American Center (03-3436-0901) has many books and magazines about the United States.
Hours vary considerably from one Tokyo-area library to another, so check the hours before you go. If you need help locating the libraries, ask someone in the KCP Administration Office.