Keeping Fit with Athletic Facilities in Japan

You may wish to join an athletic club while in Japan. There are many throughout Tokyo. Prices start at about US $50 to $100/month. Many of these facilities include weight rooms, swimming pools, and Jacuzzis.

The best way to find an athletic facility is to ask the student coordinators or, if you’re in a homestay and want something near home, your host family. Be sure to ask about student discounts.

There are many quality sports and aerobics clubs in Tokyo as well. Many of these clubs are very spendy, but some offer student discounts. A cheaper alternative is the Waseda Cosmic Sports Center, which you can reach by bus from KCP. Basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton are available, three sessions per day, each session costing ¥300.

Morning Session (Gozen): 9:00–12:30
Afternoon Session (Gogo): 13:00–16:30
Evening Session (Yakan): 17:00–21:00.

A swimming pool is also available, ¥200 for 2 hours. There is a refundable locker deposit of ¥100.

You can get to Waseda by taking the number 4 bus  towards Waseda from the bus station outside the west exit of Shinjuku Station.

The Shinjuku Sports Center is a 5-minute walk from Toritsu Shougaisha Center. For more information, call 03-3232-7701, or ask your KCP student coordinator.

Most athletic facilities will not allow entrance with street shoes, so bring a pair of clean indoor shoes with you.