Magazines and newspapers

Newspapers and Magazines in Japan

You will not have much trouble finding English-language newspapers and magazines in Tokyo. Many are available at kiosks in train stations and in major bookstores. Possibly the most complete Japanese English-language newspaper is the Japan Times, containing a good international news section and unbiased accounts of current Japanese news. Other newspapers include the Asahi Evening NewsThe Mainichi Daily News, and The Yomiuri Daily. Most of these newspapers are available in Japanese as well.


Foreign magazines and newspapers are available in major bookstores in Tokyo, but they often carry a premium price tag. Japanese publishers also produce many good magazines about current issues and current cultural events that may be of interest to the English-speaking population in Tokyo. The Tokyo Journal is perhaps the most complete. Tokyo Time Out may also be of interest.

Magazine shelf

Several publications are available for students of Japanese, including the Nihongo Journal and the Hiragana Times.

KCP subscribes to several periodicals including The Japan Times that are available to students. We also have other English newspapers at the KCP main building.

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