KCP Students Learn to Cook Japanese Food

All KCP students can take part in optional activities and outings throughout the term. These may include a tea ceremony, anime and manga drawing, calligraphy, KCP student newspaper, kanji prep, chat classes (multiple levels), learning to play traditional instruments, cooking Japanese food together, and more. In the extra-curricular sessions, you have the chance to connect with other students in informal, non-classroom settings.

Here are some student testimonials from KCP alumni on their cooking class experience:

“The cooking class with the Hosei university students was most satisfying. I could practice my Japanese and make tasty food, all at the same time!” – Katie Penvose, Fall 2013

“The cooking sessions were a fun way to practice Japanese with some of the higher classmates while learning about Japanese culture.” – Michiel Sikm, Summer 2013

“I found the cooking class very satisfying because it gave us a chance to speak to people our own age.” – Nicole Zan, Summer 2014

Winter 2018 students make chirashizushi. | KCP Flickr

Spring 2014 cooking class. | KCP Flickr

Fall 2014 class cook tofu burger. | KCP Flickr

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