Learn Japanese in Tokyo with KCP’s Summer Programs

Japan’s summer months are filled with festivals and it’s not difficult to get caught up in the revelry. The streets come alive with extravagant floats, fireworks, food stalls, and music. It’s a great time to experience the language and culture of Japan.

KCP International offers three summer programs for studying in Japan.  They are synced with your university’s academic schedule, offered at the height of festival season, and are at a very reasonable cost.

These programs offer opportunities for proficiency in Japanese in an intense summer season. Each program provides time to broaden your experience in Japan’s culture, with excursions to cultural spots, museums, palaces, theaters, and businesses.

Summer Semester

(July 6 – September 20, 2018)

The summer semester program is a total immersion Japanese language course of the same duration as a semester, yet it’s just short enough to fit into the summer of an academic year. Special emphasis placed on balanced language education that stresses the 4 most important communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Summer Short Term

(June 23 – August 15, 2018)

Immerse yourself in 8 exciting weeks of learning about the Japanese language and culture.  Take class in the direct method—entirely in Japanese—which will make a big difference in your language ability and expose you to Tokyo’s summer culture.

Both students and recent college graduates enthusiastically favor summer short-term because it is fast-paced and a great way to absorb the culture.

Both courses offered during summer semesters at KCP include a robust culture and civilization program. Ground-laying lectures and excursions in and around Tokyo give numerous opportunities to practice Japanese. A guaranteed way to spend a personally enriching summer!

Deadlines are fast approaching this April 20. Apply now!

NEW! WWU Summer Global Learning

(June 23 – July 22, 2018)

If you’d like an injection of Japanese language and culture, with cultural aspects taught by a Western Washington University (WWU) professor, consider this four-week program.

The first two weeks are language intensive, based on your own proficiency level. The remaining two weeks are a cultural discovery organized by the WWU professor who will be there to teach you.

Non-WWU students are also encouraged to apply!

Application deadline is on April 5.

For more details, visit wwu-tokyosummer.com and WWU Summer Global Learning web site.