Maboya Restaurant Exterior

KCP Winter 2018 Alum Siena Rose on Maboya Restaurant

Japan and China have had relations that can be traced all the way back to 200 AD.  Chinese influence on Japanese culture and way of life is deeply rooted in history.  Though Chinese influence is readily apparent, Japan has always still remained different by adapting rather than adopting Chinese customs. This goes for Chinese food as well, as in the case of Maboya Restaurant. Although Maboya is a Chinese restaurant with Chinese cuisine, the food has Japanese twists to it.

KCP Winter 2018 alum Siena Rose reviews Maboya Restaurant:

“Maboya is one of the first Chinese restaurants I’ve come to here in Japan. It’s super close to KCP. You’ll find it when walking towards Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station. It’s under a medical place with a + symbol on the sign. It’s to the left of Cafe de Valtarge, on the first floor. I personally liked the food a lot. There were plenty of tables so this is definitely a nice place to come with friends and classmates for a nice taste of Chinese cuisine! I would give Maboya a 4/5★.“

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