Alumnu Siena Rose

S Gasuto Restaurant Review by KCP Winter 2018 Alum Siena Rose

KCP Winter 2018 alum Siena Rose gives another in-depth restaurant review, this time of S Gasuto. Thanks for your insights, Siena!

S ガスト is a great place to go to get a quick cheap meal. You can eat in or get take out, both are very convenient options. The food is pretty tasty, but as with most other fast food eateries, it’s not the highest quality in the world. With that said, I come here whenever I have a craving for some hot food and I don’t feel like cooking. There are a ton of seats making this a place you can come with classmates and friends. It’s open very late so it’s also a great place to come after you finish your studying late. I would give S ガスト a 3.5/5★

Here is the food display outside the restaurant. Plastic food models are very popular in Japan. I personally like it a lot since you can get a look at what kind of food they have an how large of a portion it is.

Here’s the machine where you’ll be placing your order. You can do a take out order or an eating in order! It’s a similar machine to other places. It’s a cash only machine. At this machine, you have to insert money first before pressing on what you want.

There are many many seats you can sit at if you decide to eat in.

Here is the food I got! Luckily I don’t live too far away, so the food was still nice and warm. I got hamburg with a sausage, and some chicken!

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