Homestay experience in Japan with KCP.

Reasons to Choose Staying with a Host Family Abroad

KCP International Japanese Language School has been a leading institution for learning the Japanese language for almost 40 years in Japan. When studying at KCP, there are several housing options to choose from. You can stay in a dormitory, independently or with a Japanese family (homestay). There are several reasons to opt to stay with a host family, check out some of them:

KCP student homestay experience with Japanese family.

KCP student homestay experience.

Experience what it’s really like to be a local

It can be quite daunting to travel to a new country and be outside of your comfort zone. Adjusting to a new environment will easier if you have some support such as from your host family. They can answer any questions you are bound to have to fit in and live like a local. You can learn from your host family the best kept secrets only natives know of such as best places to shop, eat and visit and even what to stay away from. It’s like having you very own custom tour guide!

Enjoy authentic traditional home cooked meals

Every country has its own unique cuisine. Staying with a host family will give you a change to experience and taste what the local cuisine is like. You also won’t have to worry about where you’ll be getting your next meal.

Observe local customs within the home

Living with a host family will also give you a more in depth look at the local customs and traditions that the people observe. You can immerse yourself in the daily life of locals and truly experience what life is like in your host country as only homestay experience can provide.

Student homestay experience in Japan with KCP.Homestay experience in Japan with KCP.

Practice the language more often

The courses offered at KCP are immersive. By choosing homestay, you are even more exposed to the local language. You get to practice the native language more frequently. This is the best way to learn!  Daily conversations with your host family allow you to grasp the language more and gives you the opportunity to observe and learn informal conversation and how locals speak to each other.

Homestay option is a wonderful experience. It gives you valuable life experiences that dorm or individual housing cannot offer. The chance to practice the language more often is one of the major benefits of staying with a host family. Remember to always have an open mind and embrace the experience and the new culture! Your host family will be your second family for life!

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