Activities Testimonials


  • The speech contest was a good way for me to work on something a bit more complicated and long than the things we normally write for class.

    —Michiel Sikm

  • Participating in the Speech Contest was one of the most challenging and fun things I have done in my life. It was a wonderful experience I will remember forever. The cooking class with the Hosai University students was also a really fun way to experience some Japanese culture and practice Japanese!

    —Andrew Kustodowicz

  • I thought the speech contest was a lot of fun! My class won the 応援 contest, which was really exciting and fun! I thought all of the speakers did a great job and I enjoyed spending the day watching all of the various events and performances.

    —Brooke Rappaport

  • I really enjoyed the speech competition. It showcased a wide variety of speech topics and it allowed for newer students to implement their new vocabulary.

    —Ean Smith

  • I also found the speech contest very fun! As a speaker, I was shocked when the class had to create a special cheer just for me, since this not customary in America. It really showed a sense of camaraderie among the classes, and all of the cheers and speeches were very fun to watch. The club performances at the end of the contest were also very funny!

    —Rachel Burch

  • The speech contest was extremely fun and energetic. I feel all of the students had a chance to try hard, perform for each other and the Sensei, and bond. Also, the group sessions and activities offered to the Summer (short) U.S. students was a great help!

    —Elizabeth Brown

  • I loved the speech contest! It brought the class a lot closer together. I also really liked mixing in with the Asian students and getting to know them.

    —Ziye Wang

  • I enjoyed the speech contest, but truthfully, mostly for the skits and performances the classes did. They showed how close all of the students had become to each other, and it was fun to watch.

    —Shannon Lynch

  • The speech contest was fun, and I enjoyed the fact that the whole class was involved. As the speech representative from my class, it really helped boost my confidence to have my classmates’ support and to see them perform before my speech.

    —Emily Cole

  • I went to the speech contest and was amazed with how classes bonded with each other to make sure everyone did their part. I was really happy that I would make friends from other countries in my class because of these events.

    —Alexander Fu

  • At first I was hesitant about participating in the undoukai [sports day] as I thought it was going to be slightly boring. However, it turned out to be one of my favorite experiences I’ve had in Japan thus far. The staff was really into the event and gave it a great atmosphere which in turn made the students very energetic.

    —Brian Bergquist

  • The spring term undoukai [sports day] was so much fun! I particularly enjoyed how all of the classes in the school were brought together to experience this uniquely Japanese event. I think it produced a sense of unity throughout the school, which made the event incredibly fun and a nice little break from studying while still being immersed in Japanese culture.

    —Brenna Morlock

  • I really enjoy all of the classes at KCP. The main class can be challenging at times, but I learned so much from the class. The Road to Kanji Master class and the undoukai [sporting] events were also very fun.

    —Alexandre Loi

  • I very much so enjoyed the undoukai — such a big event that included the whole school was not only fun, it helped me feel much closer to my classmates and teachers. I’m not fond of sports at all, but I still really enjoyed myself and by the end of the day I felt disappointed that it was ending already.

    —Katie Penvose

  • The bus trip to Fuji Q [amusement park] was extremely fun and the scenery was amazing. The sports event was pretty fun, particularly because my team scored first place in the relay race.

    —Sacandar Badri

  • The Fuji Q Highland [amusement park] trip was the most satisfying because it allowed me to try and speak with my fellow classmates in a non-structured conversation.

    —Dustin Smith

  • The most satisfying activity was the Fuji Q Highland [amusement park] trip. I thought it was a great way for everyone to interact and especially a great sightseeing tour for those who have never seen Mt. Fuji.

    —Sadao Oka

  • I really enjoyed the post-midterm trips that I went on with my class during both semesters that I attended KCP. The barbeque during the fall term really brought my class together, I think, and the trip to the Fuji-Q Highlands during the winter term was really fun!

    —Dawson Zimmermann

  • The school barbecue gave me an excellent opportunity to try my enhanced Japanese with the higher level students. It was a very comfortable environment to learn and better my Japanese.

    —Ronnie Joseph

  • The barbeque event along with the Kanazawa trip after midterm tests were very nice events. They allowed the students to mingle with the teachers and with each other despite being in different classes.

    —Syedali Khan

  • The school barbeque was most enjoyable. I was really able to have fun and relax with my classmates while getting to know them better all while using Japanese to communicate.

    —Melanie Rasich

  • The sports day event was fun. We were able to become closer to our classmates during the event.

    —Shayla Jarman

  • The barbecue was a satisfying event because we got the chance to interact with our classmates and teacher in a more casual setting. It also allowed us to showcase food from our home countries and share ideas. I also like the culture class trips because it made traveling around Tokyo less stressful while seeing popular sites and learning more about modern and historical Japan. The Kanazawa trip was amazing!

    —Catrin Ramsey

  • I really enjoyed all of the events. However, I really enjoyed the cooking classes because I love Japanese food and learning how to make it. It was a great opportunity to talk to Japanese students and practice my own speaking.

    —Hector Santiago

  • The tea ceremony was very authentic and interesting. Teachers explained exactly what we were learning and it was a beautiful experience.

    —Livia DeSanctis

  • I learned a lot in the history class, and the tea ceremony. And I quite liked all the excursions, but especially the one to the Edo Tokyo Museum.

    —Shana Border

  • The club activities were very fun. It was the best opportunity to actually utilize the Japanese skills learned in class in addition to making friends. The Tea Ceremony club was a lovely glance into traditional Japanese culture.

    —Celena O’Brien

  • Aside from the 100 percent Japanese classes themselves, I really enjoyed the cultural experiences (such as the tea ceremony). I ventured out a lot on my own, met many people, and have grown a lot because of it. Because I love Japan, it was a very rewarding experience for me (since I wish to work here some day). I don’t think anything was boring.

    —Kyle Corter

  • The most satistfying event was when the American program went to the Yamanashi/Hakone trip! It was so fun and I learned so much about the countryside of Japan that I didn’t know of before. I will never forget that day.

    —Erika Beachum

  • The cooking class with the Hosei University students was most satisfying. I could practice my Japanese and make tasty food, all at the same time!

    —Katie Penvose

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the cooking class. I liked talking to Japanese college students and having a meal with them as well.

    —Nathan Wong

  • As always I very much so enjoyed the cooking class as it gave me invaluable experience talking to native Japanese speakers. While it was very hot, Toshimaen was fun as it brought me closer to my classmates as we enjoyed the park together.

    —Katie Penvose

  • I really enjoyed the curry class. It was fun and we got to speak with Japanese students. I also enjoy cooking and haven’t been able to do it while I was here.

    —Gregory Smith

  • I loved the curry cooking class! I can’t wait to cook curry for my friends and family back in America.

    —Amanda Clayton

  • I enjoyed cooking curry with other college students because it gave me a chance to talk to Japanese people my age.

    —Thomas Akers

  • I most enjoyed the cooking class at the library, because I had a chance to speak with Japanese people my age. I think that having more extracurricular events wherein one can speak with Japanese people would be very beneficial; speaking with one’s classmates is certainly helpful, but speaking to someone who uses natural Japanese speech is much more effective when learning Japanese.

    —Adam Mally

  • I really enjoyed the course on kabuki, mostly because the lecturer had very interesting anecdotal stories to tell alongside the historical lesson.

    —Adam Mally

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I am really happy I decided to study at KCP. It has been a difficult journey, but I have learned a lot. I would love to come back to KCP to continue my studies.

—Alice Hoglund