Faculty Testimonials


  • Keep up the excellent work. I would not trade away a single second in KCP nor Japan despite the difficulty. The staff is excellent.

    —William Gomez

  • KCP is great, and if you are serious about learning Japanese then this program is FANTASTIC! I’ve read on previous evaluations that the teachers really do want to help you learn, and I experienced this first hand and can confirm that its true!

    —Louise Hoogvliet

  • The best aspect I believe is learning from multiple teachers. Each one speaks Japanese a little differently than the other. It was good to hear differences using the same topic. It also was challenging because some teachers were more difficult to understand for me.

    —Russell Nakishi

  • The most productive aspect of the program is simply the intensive study method accompanied by the great teachers who are willing to go out of their way to help their students. The teachers seem very enthusiastic about their jobs!

    —Andrew Holmes

  • For new KCP students, I would advise them not to worry about anything. The teachers and staff all care about the growth of their students, as well as their well-being and safety in Japan.

    —Jemeene Marson

  • Hands down, my most favorite thing about KCP is the teachers and staff. The teachers made the whole experience enjoyable. The one thing I hate about school is paying for teachers that don’t teach well. Every single teacher who taught my classes was great. It wasn’t just about getting through today’s lesson; they made sure everyone understood the material. Tanaka, Michiko, and Ryuhei were always in the office to help anyone. Everyone’s kindness would not be forgotten.

    —Angela Ng

  • I was a professor of math in America, but I often went home early after finishing my classes. It is really remarkable that the staff and teachers at KCP stay so late into the night working. It is really inspiring.

    —Steven Kilty

  • It can be intimidating at first to pursue a program like this, especially for long-term study. But while I’ve been studying at KCP I’ve never felt like I couldn’t overcome challenge I was faced with; the quality of the school and instructors is top-notch.

    —Adam Clay

  • My teachers made this program amazing. They were extremely helpful, easy to approach with questions, fun just to practice my Japanese with, and they cared for their students.

    —Brian Bergquist

  • Kato-sensei’s sessions are really useful, I really believe a lot of the credit for my good test results mainly go to her. The regular tests meant that you had to constantly work hard, which is exactly what I paid to do! Even though it was difficult sometimes, I was always glad they were frequent enough that I couldn’t let myself slack off.

    —Aleya Thompson

  • I think KCP does a great job of integrating all of its in-class and out-of-class activities into helping the students grow in some capacity.

    —Jemeene Marson

  • The teachers are all very qualified and the direct-method teaching has been very effective at making me think in Japanese in order to communicate. I hope that KCP continues to be as excellent a program as I have experienced, and that in the future that it offers more opportunities for students like myself to be challenged to learn more.

    —Nathan Wong

  • The faculty and staff are honestly amazing in every respect. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had and I’ve learned a lot.

    —Joseph Comer

  • KCP teachers or staff will always be kind and helpful and will not hesitate to figure out a solution to your problem. My teachers even offered to do one-on-one speaking sessions with me, because I wanted to increase my oral communication and listening skills.

    —Emerald Sargent

  • The teachers are all professional, enthusiastic and work incredibly hard. I am amazed by the long hours they put in and how available they are for questions, re-tests, etc. They really inspired me to work hard.

    —Marc Kwiatkowski

  • I can’t thank Kato-sensei enough for all her help in explaining things that I learned in class, so I could better understand. I hope to come back next year and learn even more. どうもありがとうございます![thank you very much!]

    —Deaunna Byrd

  • I’m very grateful for the work of Takahashi-sensei, Komine-sensei, and Kato-sensei. They really made the lessons come alive, and Kato-sensei’s English support classes were absolutely invaluable. I also want to express my appreciation for the administration. Ryuhei-san, Okabe-san, and Tanaka-san are rock stars. I can’t begin to imagine how they manage to juggle so many different aspects of the administration with such aplomb. I’m especially appreciative of Tanaka-san taking us to a clinic and helping with communication and forms.

    —Yacine Baali

  • I would really like to thank everyone who goes to work and does their best every day at KCP. Finally coming to Japan has been a lifelong dream of mine and I am glad that it has been such a positive and enriching experience. I hope to come back soon and teach English in the hopes that I will be able to make a similar impact on someone else’s life.

    —Brittni Hedstrom

  • When I came to KCP I was not expecting such a wonderful environment! The teachers are absolutely amazing and the staff is incredibly helpful. The whole place conveys a wonderful, playful sense of humor but also one of serious, hard work. I think it’s a difficult balance to reach, and KCP has done a wonderful job. I want to come back to this program very much! Thank you for a wonderful eight weeks!

    —Sabrina Greene

  • I was very impressed with the teachers at KCP. All of my teachers were wonderful and kept class fun and engaging while we learned a great deal. If your goals are to improve your Japanese, learn more about Japanese society, and enjoy doing it, I think that KCP is an excellent choice for a study abroad program.

    —Spencer Morris

  • I want to thank all my teachers for their hard work, dedication, and patience. I hope to be a teacher one day and I was happy to learn from their example. I also want to thank the KCP office staff for their assistance! They were always available and willing to help us with an array of problems and offer recommendations to make our stay better. I was often exasperated by my fellow students requests or complaints, but regardless of the situation, the staff were always smiling and friendly.

    —Breann Goosmann

  • The teachers and staff at KCP are very helpful and pleasant to work with. The classes were challenging and engaging every day. The program was amazing and I would recommend it to any student that seriously wants to improve their Japanese while getting to experience life in Japan.

    —Kay Hood

  • I was surprised by how helpful the teachers were. They were more than willing to give extra help and that really helped me get more out of the program.

    —Shanti Francoeur

  • Personally, I found the classes themselves to be the most satisfying. The teachers were extremely helpful and motivated and while they taught at a fast pace they did everything they could to ensure the students understood the material.

    —Glenn Irish

  • Any time I had a problem or question, there was always someone at KCP who made time for me and helped me. I only got to study at KCP for 9 months, but it was easily a better experience than my three years of college. Thank you so much!

    —Kailin Cannon

  • I didn’t get a chance to mention them, but my praise goes out to Tanaka-san and Ryuuhei-san — those two work very hard, and are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Please make sure they’re well appreciated.

    —Dylan Chapin

  • Having three different teachers with different teaching styles is the most interesting part of my class. I also love being able to get extra help when needed.

    —Onjel James

  • One of my teachers goes around the room and has everyone make example sentences with the grammar we are learning that day and I love it because it gives us practice but also because sometimes we can see the grammar used in ways we might not have thought of yet. Drill practice, pair work, and tests are my next listed for helpfulness.

    —Onjel James

  • The most productive time was probably staying late and talking to my teachers, asking questions about things I didn’t understand in order to learn more and be able to understand.

    —Abigail Dunn

  • The teachers were extremely helpful and skilled in teaching grammar and vocabulary. Having conversation practice in class was also very helpful in practicing new grammar.

    —Britny Eberhard

  • One of the things I like most is that I got three teachers: That’s three different native speakers with three different teaching styles for me to learn from. Like last term, I had three great teachers, they were all amazing, but one of them was my favorite because he always made class fun! Just the energy he brought into class and his teaching style made learning super fun, and that is great! I love that!

    —Makaila Puhrmann

  • The best part of the program was improving my pronunciation and accent. Before KCP, I hadn’t paid much attention to these things. I am very glad that the teachers placed such emphasis on having us pronounce the word to the best of our ability and drilled us with accent practice.

    —Alix Kosmala

  • Teachers are always ready to help with class material. They truly want us to succeed and improve due to a mutual love of the language and culture.

    —Bryan ‘Donoghue

  • The most interesting aspect of this program is how intensive everything is and how much assistance we receive with all of the staff. I have never had so much care from a staff, ever. They are wonderful people and one of the reasons I would return to the program and recommend it to others.

    —Kelly Dinh

  • The staff were all very friendly and helpful. Even though I struggled a lot, the teachers always seemed to have an unlimited amount of patience for me and would walk me through everything.

    —Tameka Anderson

  • Honestly, the 事務所先生 [professors] are the best. Every day after class, I look forward to talking to them and getting to know them better. They need a raise for how genuine they are in caring for me and getting to know me better. In America, even one of these teachers could inspire countless students to do better than they even imagined they could do. KCP has so many great aspects to it, but the greatest aspect is the employees. They are the reason I consider this to be one of the best summers of my life.

    —Derrick Leong

  • English Support. Kato-sensei is extremely helpful! Please treasure her!

    —Dylan Chapin

  • I strongly recommend KCP to students considering the program. The administrative and teaching staff are excellent and friendly. There is a good balance of English support and immersion, but prepare to study hard because the Summer (short) program is (as the name suggests) pretty short.

    —Breann Goosmann

  • For those considering the program, I would definitely encourage them to attend KCP. I made so many friends and noticeably improved all areas of my Japanese studies due to KCP’s amazing teachers. Thanks to the administrative staff, I felt safe knowing that I could ask them for help with any problems I had in any aspect of my life in Japan.

    —Jemeene Marson

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At first I thought KCP was too good to be true because I could not find a single negative review anywhere. Every comment I found was positive. Turns out there’s a very good reason for this 🙂

—Louise Hoogvliet