Lodging Testimonials


  • I loved the dorm (Ikebukuro) experience! Due to the fact that I was living with other people who are from where I am from, it made it far easier to transition into Japan, because the dorm felt like a home away from home.

    —Tyrone Harmon

  • I really like the Ikebukuro area, and how easy it is to commute back and forth from school. I like how quiet the room is, and I’m glad that nearly everything was provided for me in advance (utilities, internet, etc.). I wish I had more cooking space, but that can’t be helped! In general, I enjoy living here and look forward to continuing to live here in the fall.

    —Brooke Rappaport

  • I was pleased with the living arrangements in Ikebukuro. It was nice to live next to the Tokyo Metro/JR Line. The commute to school is easy and reliable.

    —Vinh Nguyen

  • I loooooooooooooooooved the location of Ikebukuro dorm. It was in proximity to lots of really great and convenient things. The size was a bit of an adjustment, but that doesn’t outweigh the location.

    —Ashely Hale

  • I love the neighborhood in Ikebukuro. The location is very close to many places by train and the commute is short. The school is also only about an hour walk away which is great for nice weather. It is also very close to lots of stores. When I first got here, I worried that the room might feel kind of small, but it actually is quite enough space.

    —Onjel James

  • At first the accommodation seemed small but in reality it had everything I needed on a daily basis. The location of the dorm (Ikebukuro) also played a big role. We had access to convenience stores, the station, a grocery store, and it was even close to main shopping and entertainment areas. I am very pleased with everything. The dorm manager was friendly and extremely helpful.

    —Jasmine Rivas Corado

  • I loved the Kasai dorm. It is spacious and has a beautiful view. Also, the dorm manager is amazingly nice and she always greets me very warmly whenever I see her.

    —Alice Hoglund

  • The whole apartment complex of Azeria Kasai is phenomenal. Even though I originally signed up for homestay, I’m really glad I was put in this dormitory. It has a homestay feel to it because the dormitory manager is extremely helpful and interesting to talk to. The meals here are also delicious and worth the price. The only inconvenient thing is the commute, but it’s worth it to live in such a beautiful and interesting place.

    —Jennifer Campbell

  • Although Kasai is a little far from the school getting used to the commute was very easy. The city is nice and quiet and very close to Disney. The fireworks offer a nice view at night.

    —Ronnie Joseph

  • The dorm (Azeria, Kasai) manager and the women who prepared the meals were very nice, and I always enjoyed talking to them. They always asked about my life in Japan, and always made sure that I had everything I needed. The food was delicious as well.

    —Emily Cole

  • The dorm manager and staff were the best. They made my experience extremely memorable and a lot more fun. Even though the commute is difficult I would stay here again because Kasai is a beautiful area due to the proximity to large parks and the water.

    —Gavon Byrd

  • The rooms were very comfortable and the atmosphere was pleasant. The cafeteria was very affordable and the food was well prepared. The dorm managers, Shiraishi, are extremely nice, caring and friendly. I had a wonderful experience in Azeria Kasai.

    —Allison Hoisl

  • Azeria Kasai 2 was great! Shirashi-San is by far the best dorm manager I have ever had (including the dorms I’ve stayed in at my own college in the U.S). He had events, was very nice and attentive, and treated us all like grandchildren.

    —Elizabeth Brown

  • I have been enthralled with my living arrangement in Kasai. My apartment has been very quiet, clean and overall convenient place to live despite being an hour away from school. I love how spacious my room is! Thank you very much for allowing me to stay here!

    —Brittni Hedstrom

  • I really liked the living arrangements at Kasai dorms. They were spacious, I had my own bathroom, and it was very private. The dorm managers were extremely nice and cooked excellent dinners. I would recommend anyone to stay in the dorms.

    —Christopher Clayton

  • I am absolutely, completely in love with Azeria Kasai and the adorable people who run it. My dorm will probably be the thing I will miss most about this summer. My favorite part of every day is eating dinner together with everyone in the dining room. The KCP students who live here together get along extremely well, and Shiraishi ojii-san and obaa-san are the most generous, friendly people ever! They always talk with us (which is great Japanese practice) and we’ve even had a bunch of parties together. Last weekend we all watched fireworks on the roof. The other tenants in the dorm are friendly enough too! Plus I love the single rooms, which are well-equipped with everything I would ever need. If I had the choice, I would never leave this place.

    —Sabrina Greene

  • I’m very pleased with the Kasai dorm. Everyone was very nice. The rooms were fantastic. I loved being able to see the Ferris wheel from my balcony!

    —Samantha Butler

  • The living arrangements in Kasai were perfect for living by oneself. I would absolutely stay in this dorm again if I were to choose dorm housing. Its proximity to a grocery store is also a huge plus.

    —Adam Mally

  • The distance from Azeria Kasai II wasn’t what I expected at first, but because there were tickets and a train pass that passed through many interesting and useful stations it ended up not being a problem at all. In our dorm the manager and his sister were especially welcoming and helpful, which was really really good in soothing my way into living in a foreign country, I’ve experienced no problems whatsoever, and I really like the atmosphere of our dorm, where everyone is almost like family.

    —Ziye Wang

  • The Kasai dorm was excellent. The manager was also nice. There were no problems and the rooms were perfect.

    —Syedali Khan

  • I really enjoy my dorm Kasai itself. The manager, Shiraishi san, is welcoming and very helpful. He has thrown a rooftop party and has taken us to a local fireworks show in his free time. The kitchen staff is also very nice and welcoming. The food is excellent! And instead of resorting to English, they consistently speak to us in Japanese, which helps us develop our conversation skills. My room is also very nice, with a balcony and a tiny kitchen. I really enjoyed my stay at this dorm.

    —Breann Goosmann

  • I loved that I didn’t have to pay for my laundry at Azeria Kasai II and the food they would prepare was great.

    —Scott Kallaus

  • I chose KCP because compared to the other programs offered by my university, this one had the most to offer for me. Most other programs seemed to be centered outside of Tokyo, and those that were in Tokyo had very poor housing options and could be rather pricy. KCP was in my price range, in Tokyo (where I wanted to study), and had the option of living in a dorm – quashing my worries for finding an apartment in Tokyo.

    —Katie Penvose

  • The managers of the dormitory I stayed at were so so so nice! They were always warm and inviting and really helpful. Plus talking to them was really really good practice.

    —Andrew Kustodowicz

  • The dorm manager and all dorm staff were pleasant and eager to help the residents with any query. The cafeteria chef, especially, always made a point of conversing in Japanese with the residents, which was helpful to learning Japanese.

    —Emerald Sargent

  • I was very pleased with my living arrangements. The faculty far exceeded my expectations with their warm hospitality and the room itself was superior to what I had expected. Also, the view is wonderful.

    —Donovan White

  • The dorm room itself is really sensibly designed. It’s a lot larger than I thought it would be, there’s a good amount of storage, and the bathroom is ridiculously easy to clean (there’s a drain outside and inside the shower, the floor is lightly sloped toward the drains, and the whole thing is plastic–you can pretty much spray everything down with the shower head).

    —Tess Kupel

  • I am overwhelmingly pleased with the dorm. While it is fairly far from the school, the dorm manager has been extremely kind and generous with all of us here, holding parties and interacting with us whenever we see him.

    —Charles Sy

  • The room is perfect for a single person in my opinion, and has all the amenities you would actually need. It’s definitely better than dorms in college. Our dorm manager was a very awesome guy who genuinely liked to help everyone out, and he went way above and beyond his responsibilities, hosting parties for the students and firework watching with plenty of food and drink provided. By far the best landlord to exist.

    —Steffan Achtmann

  • I love having a private room, shower, kitchenette, fridge, etc. It is ten times what you get normally. Arriving in Japan, you have no idea how great a comfort the blanket was. Here we had arrived and we’re feeling overwhelmed and isolated and sleepy. That comforter was and is my most favorite part of my room. It’s comforting and warm in the winter. Everyone respects the rules and is quiet. The bed is a bit firmer than my American bed, but no complaints.

    —Brittany Crouch

  • The dorm itself is absolutely gorgeous, and my room itself was the biggest I’ve ever had in a dorm setting! Everything was absolutely fantastic, and I would definitely live here again if I could.

    —Maggie Cruz

  • Overall, I was pleased with the general living arrangements at Tokugawa dormitory. The rooms were spacious and included a bathroom and a mini fridge. The living quarters were very clean and comfortable. The [owners], as well as the other caretakers who worked in the dorm, were very accommodating. They deeply cared about all of our well-being and always greeted us with a smile. The dorm managers arranged a welcome party when we arrived as well as a festival in July. Both were bonding experiences for the dormmates as well as a chance for the American students to participate in Japanese culture.

    —May Leung

  • I am extremely satisfied with the living arrangement I have been provided. The dorm manager is very kind and helpful. The breakfast/dinner plan is very cheap, yet the meals themselves are large and very healthy. The rooms are huge compared to most dorms and come with many useful things like a stove, bathroom, and refrigerator, and the building itself is very clean. I could not ask for a better dorm.

    —Glenn Irish

  • I actually really like where I am currently and have enjoyed myself in the dorms immensely. I may have gotten lucky coming here when I did because the people I live with are fantastic and I am very happy to have met and gotten to know them. [The dorm manager] does a great job of taking care of this place and has been very helpful when I needed it.

    —Brittany Murphy

  • I was pleased with the dorm. The room was the perfect size for one person, and everything was clean when I arrived. The dorm manager immediately helped me whenever I would have a problem with something in my room.

    —Shayla Jarman

  • The room was small but the perfect size for living and studying. The laundry area was convenient. I appreciated the community with the other students and the use of the common space on the first floor where we could talk and study. The TV was also nice, I could view Japanese television programs for listening practice.

    —Colleen Plunkett

  • I enjoyed the experience of living in a small one room apartment, but the best part of my building were my landlords. They are a lovely elderly couple who warmly greeted my friends and I when we returned home and gave us cold melons to eat amidst the summer heat. The day we departed from the building, they were kind enough to offer to drive us to the station since it was raining.

    —Ashley Pascual

  • Tanashi Dorm is fantastic — the food is delicious, the accommodations are nice, and the dorm managers are kind and helpful.

    —John Bertinet

  • I liked having my own room as it gave me a good place to relax after a long day of school and hanging out with friends. I really enjoyed the flexibility and autonomy of living in a dorm like Tanashi as it made the experience of living in Japan feel more authentic. As silly as it may sound I felt like a true Japanese citizen walking down the street to get a convenience store bento.

    —Chase Morimoto

  • Without a doubt, your Japanese will improve while attending KCP, but the extent to which it will depends on you. Those who choose homestay invariably will improve speaking and listening comprehension as living with Japanese speakers is a sure way to improve.

    —Sophia Warren

  • I found my Japanese improving significantly through living with my host family, since what I learn in class could be practiced right away. Not only could I have a closer look at the Japanese culture and people, we made unforgettable bonds.

    —Thu Nguyen

  • My homestay experience was excellent. I highly suggest first-timers to do a homestay for one term, especially if they already have a basic level of Japanese. Talking with my host family every evening I got the chance to practice what I’d learned in class over the previous few days. Not only would they correct me whenever I made a mistake, but I’d also learn a lot of new things from them too.

    Come to KCP! It’s a great way to get immersed in the language and practice it every day. I would also highly recommend doing a homestay, as it’s a great way to ensure you are able to practice your Japanese on a day-to-day basis. It can be pretty difficult to make friends outside of class so having a host family who can make you feel connected to the society is pretty important.

    —Brian Bergquist

  • Staying with a homestay family was the most interesting aspect of the program for me. I got to see and live firsthand with a Japanese family and also got to practice what I learned in class that day.

    —Jason Chang

  • Learned a ton from my host family, I really enjoyed staying with them.

    —Charles Madere

  • The most productive aspect of the program was living with a host family, because I was always practicing what I learn in class at home. And I believe that it has given me more confidence in speaking and not being worried about making mistakes.

    —Lissette Aldrete

  • The homestay was the most productive in terms of improving my speaking and listening skills. I feel like more activities that encourage friendships between students of different nationalities may aid Japanese skill acquisition and retention.

    —Joshua Lozensky

  • If you are in doubt, don’t be! KCP has far exceeded my expectations. Also, spend the little extra to be in a host family. I received so many more invaluable experiences and more chances to practice my Japanese than those in the dorms.

    —Rachel Burch

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If you’re considering KCP, just sign up. If you have to, save up for it. It was worth it. I continue to learn the language, I continue to make new friends, I continue to find new, unfamiliar and exciting places and all of this was possible because I made the decision to learn at KCP. I have met some really great people (friends as well as teachers) who have helped me grow as a person. I’m thankful for this time I’ve spent here. It really has gone by too fast but I will forever remember the memories I’ve made here.

—Malia Romar